Meet your needs:

Fast Data
We deliver a unique fast streaming API with real time market data directly from the exchange arena.
We offer a reliable and well proven trading system with cutting edge technology and powerful tools for high frequency trading and on-screen trading.
Target Trading
We offer a real-time solution for Risk Management allowing risk supervision and control, based on pre-trade risk check, order management and post-trade control.
Risk Management& Control
We offer an integrated solution, targeted and particularly customized for institutional investment managers.
Continuous Investment Management
Important notice:
API version 53.9 is now available. It's required to upgrade until 01/01/19.
Contact support team for further instructions. 
The Technology 

Our technology is a hybrid infrastructure based on the most advanced hardware and software. By using the most advanced chips and low latency 10 G communication technologies, our solution delivers fast and massive parallel processing, leading the market data streaming, fast calculations and trade hunting.