The "Gal"

The GAL system complementing the Falconer and OMS & trading layer, is a front and middle-office solution, targeted and particularly customized for institutional investment managers and is designed for continuous intra-day investment and assets management.


GAL contains four functional core modules: 1.Trading, 2. Data & Analysis, 3. Monitoring & Compliance, 4. Administration Tools

Investment Management




The Trading module includes various customizable and functionality-rich trading platforms and tools for various asset classes, fully compatible with the daily needs of institutional operational end-users.

Data & Analysis

The Data & Analysis module supports intra-day portfolio management, such as order management, executions, balances, asset allocation, performance on a single or multiple portfolio level.

Monitoring & Compliance

The Monitoring & Compliance module supports investment policy restrictions and regulatory limitations that are continuously monitored, using a pre-trade real-time monitoring engine and a post-trade online monitoring engine, which both generate real-time and online alert messages.

Administration tools 

The Administration Tools are a set of highly flexible and rich administration tools including an automated asset class group classification engine, a policy rule builder, an automated rules generator, a regulation manager; the organizational tree-like hierarchy and the user permissions manager allow for an easy-to-manage, extensible coverage of most trading and investment intra-day regulatory restrictions and provisions.