Risk Management


Pre-Trade Risk Management

Sivron offers a Real-Time Risk Management system with Pre-Trade Risk checks, Order Management mechanism and limitations that allow for controlled trading.


All Pre-Trade checks can be done on the direct path of the order. Sivron's infrastructure was built for a low-latency high frequency orders flow.

The SivSafe

The SivSafe is an advanced tailor-made Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) system specially designed for futures, options and equities.


The SivSafe was primarily designed to perform multi-offsets with combined algorithm methods in order to calculate and alert the genuine exposure.

With its enhanced functionalities, the SivSafe allows traders to control arising risks and be better prepared for upcoming events.


The Risk Managers can set and monitor in Real-Time positions and identify hazards on a single account / group account / omnibus account / corporate entity.


The pre-trade Risk Solution performs a sophisticated set of checks and control actions in accordance with the broker's/ exchange regulation.


The post-trade functionalities allow for optimized business decision making under the risk controls.