The Trend of Advanced Technology



Sivron develops a technology based on a hybrid infrastructure combining hardware and software. By using the most advanced chips and low latency 10 G communication technologies, we created an infrastructure that allows for high-velocity and massive parallel processing, leading swift data streaming, complex and  fast calculations, quickly identifying events and capturing deals.   


This implies integrating processes of a very different nature, such as FastData as opposed  to BigData; high-speed trading transactions as opposed to risk control and comprehensive regulation; seizing opportunities in the trading arena as opposed to rigorous institutional investment management.


Sivron's Systems operate on an infrastructure of in-house technologies, partly combined with hardware and communication components developed by advanced hi-tech companies cooperating with Sivron.


Sivron's new breed of systems liberates the user from the limitations of conventional technologies, based on a revolutionary combination of hardware components, including an embedded multi-core processor and FPGA. This type of technology allows for a hybrid working method, as its interface between the applied program running in a processor and the code in the FPGA, based on fast local interfaces.


Sivron will combine these innovative components in a hybrid method in which the critical process, in terms of performance, is being developed in FPGA and complementary and supportive parallel processes are being developed in advanced technologies already applied nowadays.


The wide range of infrastructure products that support our systems with emphasis on:

·         Real-time speed

·         Real-time throughput

·         Manageability

·         Reliability

·         Recoverability

·         Security

·         Integration with existing Broker systems

·         Interfaces for external software